Media Players

Blu-ray Players


Your favorite films at home in crystal clear 3D

A Blu-ray Disc player remains the single best way of getting a crisp 1080p image onto a large-screen, high-definition display.

DVD Players

dvd player

Up scaling to high definition for sharper pictures, screen fit for optimal viewing, and progressive scan for optimized image quality.

Multi Disc Players

Multidisc player

Keep your disc library organized while storing up to 400 Blu-ray Disc movies, DVDs and CDs.  Sony's Multi disc player features an intuitive on-screen interface that makes it a cinch to find your movies, TV shows or albums. Additionally, this fully-featured Blu-ray Disc multimedia storage device provides Full HD 1080p video output, up scaling of DVDs to near HD quality through an HDMI connection, BD-Live interactive features, and HD audio support.