Central Vacuum

central vacuum

Central vacuum systems are the most efficient way to clean. The package includes: the vacuum motor, tubing through the walls connecting to wall inlets in rooms. Homeowner simply connects a hose to any inlet and start vacuuming. The lightweight hose and low noise level makes vacuuming easy and quiet.

This feature eliminates conventional vacuum cleaners by replacing the need for cords and equipment with a system in which the house itself is the vacuum cleaner. Simply select and attach a power brush and plug the lightweight hose in any of the room's vacuum inlets (usually 1 inlet per 600 sq. ft.) located along the baseboard. Dirt is channeled by a central power unit through tubing in the walls to an out-of-the way canister-receptacle located in the basement or garage. The canister only needs emptying every three months! Central vacuum systems eliminate re-circulated dust in the air and are healthier than conventional portable systems. They are quieter than portable units, provide three to five times the power of conventional vacuum cleaners and are considered an investment as a permanent household improvement which increases the value of your home.

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